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8 Days!

In just 8 days, Professor Elemental will arrive on Oklahoma soil to spend a weekend tantalizing and entertaining the students of OctopodiCon!

Madame Professoress Veronique Chevalier, Prof. Tom Smith, and Professor Lord Montague Jacques Fromage,Roscoe and Rose Red, and Triskelion will also be arriving in Oklahoma for OctopodiCon.

Kali-Ra and the Cutie Carney Variety Show are locals you don’t want to miss!

And these fine people are just a smidgeon of the activities you’ll find at OctopodiCon in just eight more days.

The Victorian Fencing Society, the Steam Engine Intrepid, the Airship Horizons, Airship Othernaut, the Sky Marshalls, and many more will be at OctopodiCon to help you with gnarly steampunk problems and to share tips, information and ideas.

We’ve got college professors arriving to impart some intriguing glimpses into the past and to show us ways to use that in steampunk.

The Pods will all get a chance to meet – 8:00 pm Friday night! – to select their Pod heads/chiefs/leaders, and to decide on Pod colors and other such details – and to meet your Pod mates! The Pod Point Trophy will make its rounds so everyone can see it, then be on display.

And the contests!  Are you getting excited about them?

$100 first place prize to the Automaton winner, and $75 to the first place winner of the remote controlled Airship Race! Free enrollments, Pod Points, and a trophy for the Maddest Engineer!

And last, but absolutely not the least (hey, you tend to remember the last item longer – there’s a reason the best is always saved for last!) – Junior Sprockets!  Three days of Junior Sprocket activities, some taught by college professors and professionals, some by trained Junior Sprocket Captains, and some as entertainment just for the Junior Sprockets! We have 4 hours of Junior Sprocket Captains Training, and will hand out the brand new Junior Sprocket Captains Manuals, plus, the first Junior Sprocket Project book, The Secret Science Society written by Dr, John DeLaughter, a planetologist, will be available in the Scriptorium.


Spectacularium is Filled

We are both very excited and terribly sorry to announce that The Spectacularium of OctopodiCon 2012 is now filled.

We are terribly sorry because we are still receiving applications and there is no more time or space for more performers.  We are taking applications for OctopodiCon 2013 if you are interested.  We have a list started for 2013 and we’d be glad to place you on it, too.

And we are very excited because we have some truly awesome people performing at OctopodiCon:

First and foremost is Professor Elemental! You’ve seen his YouTube videos of such classics as “My Fighting Trousers” and “Cup of Brown Joy“, come and experience his teabag remix and joie de vivre in person at OctopodiCon!

The unstoppable filker Tom Smith, singing such classics as “Transylvania Polygnostic University Fight Song” from Girl Genius and “The Illuminati Polka”, will be singing earworm songs to and for us.

Professoress Veronique Chevalier is traveling in reverse from California to Oklahoma to show us how steampunks on the West Coast entertain.

Bland Lemon Denton, of widespread local fame, will grace the Spectacularium with their blues-y presence.

Triskelion, also of widespread local fame, will take us to a different time.

David Goad, an up and coming local performer, will entertain us with some Oklahoma style steampunk music.

Cassia, a woman of grace and beauty, will dance the seraglio dances for us on stage as well as teach and talk about them in the classrooms.

We’ll also have BobZilla, of widespread local fame, will teach us about vaudeville, women in vaudeville, and perform some classic Victorian Vaudevillian acts. She will also attempt to break the world’s record for sword swallowing – a feat she has spent much time and effort in perfecting.

The rest of the Spectacularium will be filled with Convocation and Commencement, the essential Masquerade, a Charity auction benefiting service animals, the SteamMaker’s Ball, slideshows by the famous Dr. Grymm and Ay-leen the Peacemaker.

All of these amazing people will be emceed by the dazzlingly dapper Professor Peter Pixie!

And that’s just one room at OctopodiCon 2012!

Support a Distinguished Visiting Professor

Our Distinguished Visiting Professor, Tom Smith, is a filker extraordinaire and he makes some pretty awesome music. He’s won awards for his songs, and the best thing about them is that they are easily signable. They are songs you want to share, so share the love and buy his music!

While the music is awesome, and some of it is awesomely funny, his live performances are a treat, so if you can visit conventions where he’ll be appearing (and that includes OctopodiCon!), go, see him, buy his music.

You won’t regret it.

Buy some for friends.

Buy some for family.

Buy some to spread the joy.

You know you want to hear “Theme from Space Squid” or the “Transylvania Polygnostic University Fight Song” from Girl Genius or “I’m on Firefly”.

So go – buy some of his music.

Here’s a list of his up-coming appearances:

Mar. : MillenniCon (Cincinnati, OH)
May : PenguiCon (Troy, MI)
October: OctopodiCon (OKC, OK – that’s us, here)

Professor Tom Smith

Our Distinguished Visiting Professor Tom Smith shared some good news today.  He has integrated his facebook page with Bandcamp so you can listen to (and buy!) his music from his facebook page.

While you’re there, like him!

He is an awesome filker and we’re pleased he’ll be one of our Distinguished Visiting Professors!