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To each and every one of you goes my heartfelt thanks.

Thank you so much for attending OctopodiCon 2 – you are the whole reason for the event. Without you, there would be no need to plot and plan and devise and schedule and create OctopodiCon for you. You are what makes OctopodiCon happen. Thank you so much for being involved, for participating, for enjoying yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to all our volunteers, from the ConCom to the people who stepped in at the last moment to help out – double, triple, quadruple thanks! Your participation and willingness made the difference between a so-so event and a good one. Thank you so very much!

Thank you to all the many people who had a hand in bringing OctopodiCon to reality throughout the year – from store staff to random strangers who gave us helpful tips – Thank you!

Thank you to the hotel staff for keeping things going during the convention.

Thank you to the professors who gave of their time and expertise to make OctopodiCon exceptional among conventions.

Thank you to those who didn’t want to be seen in public – your contributions were noticed and appreciated.

Thank you so much – OctopodiCon is truly a team effort!


Over the next few days, there will be changes made to this site to reflect the information concerning OctopodiCon 2013!

Yes, dearest friends and the curious, there will be an OctopodiCon 2013! We are working hard to settle on a venue, and should have one shortly.  There is a  possibility (slight but still there) that we will have the same site next year, as the rumors of construction may be delayed long enough for us to return one more year to the Meridian Convention Center where the staff was extraordinarily helpful and friendly, prompt to assist and always cheerful.

You all looked so happy we just had to start planning the next OctopodiCon because we want to see your smiling faces again (Let there be eight!).  Bring friends!  Bring family! Bring total strangers – they’ll become friends really quickly!

We dreamt of steam, and you dreamt it with us.  Together, we made that dream real.  Now that it’s real, we’ll keep it going and growing, new and better.  We already have proposals coming in for panels, Makeshops, and workshops.  Nemo and the UFO won’t be the only airships at OctopodiCon next year.  The Sky Marshalls will be returning.  There will be Science!  and Mad Science!  and Engineering!  Prizes! Trophies! (those who came saw the awesome trophies we awarded our contestants, and the sweet little Traveling Pod Points Trophy – made by our own beautiful and talented Joyce Shadowleaf). We’ll have more contests.

It’ll be fun.

Watch this site for news about when and where.  Once we have a location and date, we’ll start taking pre-registrations.

Also, we’ll soon be offering Pod T-shirts and book bags, as well as OctopodiCon ones.  We’re just waiting on the art for the Pod Mascots so we can make them.

Without all of you, believing in OctopodiCon and coming out to play with us, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to have such fun!

Thank you, thank you all!