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Mercantile, Art Show, and Professor Agreements

The Mercantile, Art Show, and Mercantile Agreements are starting to go out!

We will be updating the website as the Merchants, Artists, and Professors accept the agreements, so look for changes to start happening often!

Next month, we will begin organizing the Programming Schedule, and that should be up early October.



Confirmed! Extraordinary Contraptions

Will be performing at OctopodiCon 2!

The Extraordinary Contraptions were formed in the Summer of 2007 by four geeks with an interest in epic storytelling and more musical chops than are usually allowed in a rock band. After some experimentation, they came home to the Atlanta steampunk scene where they developed their musical ideas into an all-encompassing storytelling form. They combine any and everything their creativity fancies in the service of spinning their yarns of scientific romance and gaslight fantasy. Three albums and an unexpected drummer later, the Contraptions are hitting their stride as they set their sights on bigger, more ambitious artistic endeavors. Where will they go and what will they do next? Just wait and see!

In anticipation, here is a link to their video!

And a picture showing them going places:


Extraordinary Contraptions group shot cart

Panel Descriptions

The Panel Descriptions are now under the Course Catalog tab.  Here you can learn what panels are happening when and what they are about.

Because  people change their minds at the last moment, get sick, or have other life crises, we can’t guarantee this is the full and final schedule, but it’s as close as we can get it!


Change in Professors

Sad news – Visiting Professors The Right Reverend Cormac Albion McCormac and Cassie McDaniel (Cassia) must cancel their appearance at OctopodiCon due to mundane concerns – we wish them the best of luck and hope our paths cross soon!

Professor McCormac’s Makeshop on How to Make an Autograph Book will not be cancelled – we have found another gifted professor to demonstrate and teach the Makeshop.  As soon as we have all the details, we’ll post that information.

Getting Started in Steampunk

There’s no known steampunk organization in your town, but you and a couple of friends are really into steampunk. You like the clothes, the concept, the contrivances, the Teas, the stories.

What are you going to do?

I would recommend starting your very own steampunk group.  You have a good start already:  3 or 4 people who like steampunk.  Maybe you already have some clothing and a few devices.  You’ve bought a teapot.  You signed up on Steampunk Empire.

Octopodicon got its start just as simply.

A few of us signed up on Steampunk Empire, decided to have a steampunk picnic to meet.  In May.  In Oklahoma.  In 90+ weather with 80+% humidity after a strong thunderstorm.  We tromped through the mud, set up our table, made tea, set out pork pies and deviled bones, took pictures, and agreed that this was the best thing ever.

So we met again.  And again.  And some of us formed the Airship OtherNaut – a collective of people who make pretty things and sell them at conventions.  And when we weren’t doing that, we had Tea Parties.

Then the C.O.G.S. came into being.  And it was all good.

Other people around the country are forming their own steampunk groups, like this one in Salem, MA.  Movie nights, game nights, picnics in the park (or on the wharf, if you live near water…), paddle boat piracy on the lake, geocaching in steampunk style, or just going out to a Victorian-style restaurant or pub dressed up are all things just a few people can do together.  Maker Days – where you gather at someone’s house to make stuff – is a lot of fun, too.  Maybe someone in your circle of friends has a nice workshop, or a sewing room, or a back yard where you can spray paint the grass as you paint various accessories and pieces.

Once you have a few activities under your belt, you can call yourselves a group.  Or an airship.  Or Society.  Or League.  Or whatever group-designation you want.

Then, you can plan to go together to conventions, or fairs, or festivals.  It’s so much more fun when you can go with 2 or 3 or more friends.  And while you’re out and about in public, dressed in all your finery, you may find a whole lot of other people who also want to play with you and be steampunks, too.

There are no hard and fast rules to steampunk.  It’s not an authenticity thing.  It’s all fantasy.  Steampunk isn’t an exact replica of the Victorian Era, it just uses a lot of the tropes and memes of the times.  Steampunk has developed its own memes and tropes and themes:  top hats, gears, goggles, fingerless gloves, external corsets (and is that ever so not Victorian!), bustle dresses, tail coats, ray guns, discombobulators, monster hunters, aether detectors, airship pirates, and so many other things that partake of a Victorianesque flavor but never existed anywhere but our imaginations.  Until we bring them to life.

That’s what steampunk is – bringing to life the things we imagine.

Each group has its own focus, its own interests.

And – this is a biggie – you can belong to more than one steampunk group!  Really!  Because the various steampunk groups all do different things and have different people in them, it’s possible to want to do things with different groups because your interests are widespread enough that one group just can hold you.  Say you love the Old West (the weird, steampunky old west, where the OK Corral battle was fought with aether oscillators and indivisible particle smashers and barbershop quartets), but most of the people in the LSG (Local Steampunk Group) are really into India ala dancing gear monkeys and tiger hunting with ultra wave stripe-n-ator.  You enjoy the tiger hunts, but you also like singing in the barbershop quartet.  So you play with the LSG, and sing with the OSG (Other Steampunk Group), and then, you discover a Mad Scientist who makes the most amazing sodas with this nifty little carbonator gun and you have a new fascination in steampunk, so you start adding TOSG (That Other Steampunk Group) activities to what you do.

Why limit yourself?  Steampunk is all about pushing those boundaries.

We, airship OtherNaut and the ConCom of OctopodiCon, love how widely diverse and different all these groups are, and we want to see more.  More!

So, if you have questions about starting your own local steampunk group, ask us.  We want to help you.  We want to see many steampunk groups.


OctopodiCon is partnering up with the Oklahoma Metropolitan Library and the OKC Museum of Art to present steampunk activities and events leading up to and including OctopodiCon.

Check back for exciting events as we plan out what we’ll be doing together!

Dr. and Mrs. Grymm

Dr. and Mrs. Grymm,  of Dr. Grymm Laboratories, just confirmed they will be Distinguished Visiting Professors at OctopodiCon 2012!


Check their link – they do some awesome work and we are honored to have them participating in OctopodiCon.