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Steampunk Cookery – Beverages

Steampunk cookery is as diverse as the steampunks who eat it and even cook it.  That means it’s a topic that can be revisited many times, and each visit will be different.

As we approach the winter holidays (and indeed, we’ve already passed a few), there are many reasons for steampunks to get together.  And when steampunks get together, there will be food.

One of the most awesome things about steampunk is that we aren’t limited to one era or one country.  In our fashion choices, our food, our activities, our play, our interactions – we can roam the ages from the past through the future, and visit cultures outside our own.

Holiday foods run the gamut of cultures and eras, each generation adding touches from their lives and experiences.  Steampunk is no different. We can devise our own, personal, unique, steampunk holiday meals.

Tea has a place in the holiday foods, whether it’s a simple cup of tea with toast for an early morning, pre-breakfast snack or tea and cookies as an afternoon break or tea-dappled eggs for an appetizer or a delicious Burmese tea salad.

Spiced teas are popular – orange, cinnamon, apple, mint, cloves, ginger, and cardamom.  Plain teas provide a respite from the spiciness, and there are plenty of those teas to enjoy, too, from the delicate white and green teas to the robust and hearty black and pu-erh teas.  Then there are the flavorful tea blends, from the light afternoon teas to the rich breakfast blends. There’s a tea, hot or cold, for every holiday meal or gathering.

Many steampunks have embraced tea as their beverage, and it’s a very civilizing brew, that’s true.  Other steampunks have taken coffee to heart.  Coffee is almost as flexible as tea – holiday coffees come in spiced (cinnamon, clove, cardamon), vanilla, hazelnut, mint, pumpkin, pecan, almond, banana…OK, maybe coffee is more flexible in its flavors.

Steampunks aren’t limited to coffee or tea, though.  Nogs are delightfully holiday steampunk beverages, along with grog, gluhwein, punches, toddies, cocoas, ciders, cocktails, sodas, mulled wines and juices, beers, ales, spritzers, and juices.

Whether the gathering is in a hallway at a hotel-based convention, a tent at a Make Fair, a stroll along a decorated walk (Dickens on the Strand, Guthrie’s Territorial Christmas Walk…), a meeting in a coffee shop or bar, or a party in the home – there’s a beverage that suits anyone.

Store-bought or home-made, match the beverage to the event and any food being served.

Don’t hesitate to bring your own favorite beverage, either.  In fact, bring extra to share.  Our friends might find a new favorite, and if you sample their extras, you might find an acceptable alternative.

Happy steampunk imbibing this holiday season!