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OctopodiCon Policies in Brief

Steampunk, streetwear, casual, formal; OctopodiCon has a very liberal dress policy with these exceptions: tattoos, body art, paint, artfully glued bits do not constitute clothing or costuming. We comply with the State of Oklahoma’s Decency Standards: no nudity, all private body parts must be fully covered – no g-strings, thongs, waist high slits, pasties. Full opaque briefs or panties and full opaque breast coverage (includes man-boobs).

No real weapons are allowed. Obvious play weapons are permitted as part of a costume. All weapons must be inspected by the Sky Rangers and peace tied. You are on your honor to bring your weapons to the Sky Marshalls for inspection.

Behavior that is unwelcome and/or sexual in nature as perceived by the complainant and may be considered sexually harassing, whether physical, verbal, visual, or written. A hostile environment is unwelcome conduct, sexual or sex-based, severe or pervasive, that offends, intimidates, ridicules, and/or insults an individual sufficiently to alter his/her participation in OctopodiCon. OctopodiCon does not tolerate harassment. Reports will be kept anonymous if desired, please report harassment to the Security Chief, Noddy, or any OctopodiCon Administration.

Room Teas
If you have a hotel room for the night, you may allow visitors for Tea and conversation. If you wish your room to be made available for a Room Tea, you may announce your Visiting Hours during Convocation or put a card on the Room Tea Board announcing when you will be At Home and your room number. If you are a Sophomore or pre-registered, you already know your Pod, so you may consider printing some cards with your name, Pod, and email to leave at the Room Teas you visit. Do keep the volume at or below acceptable night levels.

There are many reasons to wear your badge at OctopodiCon, as your badge grants you access to all our programming. Wearing a badge also allows others to award your Pod a few Pod Points in the Pod Point Contest – the Pod with the most points earns a traveling trophy and a few extra perks. If you are seen without your badge, you may be asked to find and affix it, or to buy a replacement badge. Refusal to wear your badge prominently displayed can be grounds for expulsion – yes, yes, we know it spoils the line of your costume, but that badge is important for just 3 days.

Non-Approved Items
These things are not allowed: Fire (candles, incense), smoke machines, glitter, fog machines, illegal drugs, combustables, explosives, spray paint and aerosols, real weapons, counterfeit items, recasts, or items which violate copyright, trademark, or license agreements.

No one under 21 gets alcohol.
No public drunkennes.

Dr. Grymm!

Our Distinguished Visiting Professor, Dr. Grymm, is now the co-art director and prop maker for Lantern City!

If you haven’t heard of Lantern City yet, go check it out.  It’s still in the early stages of development, but it’s the first TV series that is entirely steampunk, not just an episode that has steampunk elements.

But this post isn’t really about Lantern City, exciting as that it – it’s about Dr. Grymm!

Dr. Grymm is an amazing force behind steampunk – an artist, a creator, an educator. As Dr. Grymm, he is a villain, a sarcastic and charming scoundrel.

He’s also the charmingly delightful and witty Joey Marsocci.

OctopodiCon will have the best of both!

OctopodiCon and All-Con

Representatives of OctopodiCon will be at Dallas All-Con this coming weekend. They will have bookmarks and information, and are able to answer practically any question you might have about OctopodiCon. They can accept enrollments, and will have applications for Merchants, Artists, Visiting Professors, and Airships.

The Art Gallery has plenty of space, as does the Laboratorium.

We have limited space for Adult Programming, Junior Sprocket Programming, Artifact Club Programming, and Airship Community Tables. If you’re too late for 2012, we can put you on a Wait List for 2013.

Our Spectacularium is filled with performers for 2012, so we are taking information for 2013. We already have a Wait List started for 2013, with some exciting performers.

We will also have representatives at A-Kon and SoonerCon, among other conventions, so look for our people there!