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NaNoWriMo at OctopodiCon!

Yes, OctopodiCon is offering a steampunk-themed NaNoWriMo track because we’re in November this year, and thought offering panels and special programming for NaNoWriMos would be a lot of fun.

Those who don’t know about NaNoWriMo would get to  learn about it, and those who know and participate in NaNoWriMo would get a chance to meet some awesome authors, participate in panels and Write-Ins and share the Plot Pot and other things in a nice atmosphere conducive to writing and imagination.

Some of the special NaNoWriMo programming includes an Introduction to NaNoWriMo for those who’ve never heard of it, Word Wars in the Lobby – go Pod to Pod to generate the highest word count! (you can earn Pod Points for your Pod by participating – and more points if you Pod wins a Word War), a Write In at the Bar (and for those too young to enter the Bar, they can participate just the other side of the railing that separates the bar from the Lobby), a Plot Coffee Hour in Caffeina’s with the Plot Pot to help the WriMos with steampunk-themed Plots, an hour of procrastinating with NaNoisms, and a Night of Writing Dangerously.

Learn about what happens when Plot Bunnies Attack

When Plot Bunnies Attack

how NaNoWriMo ate people’s souls, and other adventures in the life of WriMo.

With all the inspiration OctopodiCon can offer, perhaps you may try your hand at writing a steampunk novel for the month of November.

The infamous Oklahoma Plot Pot will be in the Scriptorium, with strips of paper and pens. Everyone is encouraged to go there and drop a plot twist or idea into the Plot Pot for the WriMos to draw when they need inspiration. The Plot Pot will be taken to Caffeina’s for the Plot Coffee Hour.

8 Days!

In just 8 days, Professor Elemental will arrive on Oklahoma soil to spend a weekend tantalizing and entertaining the students of OctopodiCon!

Madame Professoress Veronique Chevalier, Prof. Tom Smith, and Professor Lord Montague Jacques Fromage,Roscoe and Rose Red, and Triskelion will also be arriving in Oklahoma for OctopodiCon.

Kali-Ra and the Cutie Carney Variety Show are locals you don’t want to miss!

And these fine people are just a smidgeon of the activities you’ll find at OctopodiCon in just eight more days.

The Victorian Fencing Society, the Steam Engine Intrepid, the Airship Horizons, Airship Othernaut, the Sky Marshalls, and many more will be at OctopodiCon to help you with gnarly steampunk problems and to share tips, information and ideas.

We’ve got college professors arriving to impart some intriguing glimpses into the past and to show us ways to use that in steampunk.

The Pods will all get a chance to meet – 8:00 pm Friday night! – to select their Pod heads/chiefs/leaders, and to decide on Pod colors and other such details – and to meet your Pod mates! The Pod Point Trophy will make its rounds so everyone can see it, then be on display.

And the contests!  Are you getting excited about them?

$100 first place prize to the Automaton winner, and $75 to the first place winner of the remote controlled Airship Race! Free enrollments, Pod Points, and a trophy for the Maddest Engineer!

And last, but absolutely not the least (hey, you tend to remember the last item longer – there’s a reason the best is always saved for last!) – Junior Sprockets!  Three days of Junior Sprocket activities, some taught by college professors and professionals, some by trained Junior Sprocket Captains, and some as entertainment just for the Junior Sprockets! We have 4 hours of Junior Sprocket Captains Training, and will hand out the brand new Junior Sprocket Captains Manuals, plus, the first Junior Sprocket Project book, The Secret Science Society written by Dr, John DeLaughter, a planetologist, will be available in the Scriptorium.


Pod Primes

The time has come. We need to select Pod Primes, so we are going to be having a few contests to select them. If you have already purchased your enrollment for OctopodiCon, please only participate in the contest for your Pod.

If you have not paid for your enrollment yet, and want to become a Pod Prime, you will need to either purchase a Day Pass (Saturday – that’s the day the Pod Meet-ups are scheduled) or a 3 Day Enrollment.  If you participate in a Pod Prime contest and win, you will need to attend at least Saturday to fulfill your Pod Prime duties.

Pod Prime duties include:  reporting points to the Head/Chief/Leader, monitoring the Pod Group (which goes live at OctopodiCon) all year, collecting any lore and legends about the Pod so they can be shared in the Group, attending the Pod Meet-Up for your Pod at OctopodiCon, conducting the Pod Contests for naming the Pod Mascot (all Pods get a Kalamari Kid as Mascot), selecting Pod colors, designing a Pod Logo, and creating a Pod Chant or anthem.

If you want to join a Pod. but can’t get to OctopodiCon, you should probably not participate in the contest to be Pod Prime.  You can still be a part of the Pod, though, by enrolling as a Remote Student (this give you a Pod and allows you to start collecting Credit Hours at Tentace Classes held at other conventions across the country), or becoming at least a Pod Supporter at the Indiegogo fundraiser campaign.

We have one Pod Prime, and will need 7 more, so stayed tuned for these contests!

TetraPod Has a Pod Head

TetraPod has the distinction of being the first POd to have a Head. Nico Cinocco has volunteered for that important position. His job, as Head, is to award and remove points from Pods, keep score of the points for TetraPod and report TetraPod point totals to the Tallyman.

The Tallyman’s job is to keep the points for all the Pods in order to determine who wins the Pod Challenge, earns the banner for their websites plus a starter of 100 points next OctopodiCon, AND gets featured throughout the year as the Top Pod.

Everyone at OctopodiCon will be filtered into a Pod – their Home Team for earning points and engaging in Challenges throughout the weekend. If you pre-register, you can select the Pod you want to be in. This first year, there is no history for any of the Pods, you are all starting with a clean slate and can build the myths and mystique, the colors and trapping and symbols of your Pod yourselves. Your Pod Head will keep track of all this for you.

If you don’t pre-register, you will be randomly assigned a Pod at registration. OR

You can enter one of our Sunday Contests at Facebook. Sometimes, the prize includes being able to choose your Pod. OR

You can pick up an OctopodiCon Scratcher at FenCon or one of the other Conventions around the country. The Scratchers all have steampunk related quotes on them – some of those quotes lead you to a prize. And some of those prizes include getting to redeem the ticket for the Pod of your choice.

As a reminder, these are the Pods:

ArthroPod – jointed feet
CephaloPod – head-foot
OctoPod – 8-feet
TetraPod – 4 feet (Pod Head is Nico Cinocco)
GastroPod – stomach – foot (Pod Prime is Christopher Wiemer
SauroPod – lizard foot
PolyPod – many feet
OrnithoPod – bird foot

Sunday’s Contest!

This week’s Contest (Prize is getting to select YOUR Pod before anyone else):

He’s a rebel wthout applause, questing for the golden frog, enduring a fete worse than death living in the ’90′s.  Who is he?


What is a “Pod” you ask?  It’s like a team or a club or a dorm – you are assigned a Pod, and you spend the weekend of OctopodiCon 2012 working towards earning points for your Pod.  At the Commencement (Closing Ceremonies), the Pod with the most points gets a banner for their websites, next year’s Octopodion will be decorated in our Pod’s colors and symbol, and along with the prestige of winning, your Pod starts off the year with an extra 100 points all the other Pods will have to exceed in order to wrest the title of Top Pod from you.

The Pods are new, so everyone this year gets to write the beginning stories and traditions of their Pods, select Pod colors, and symbols – we’ll have contests for those later with nifty Pod-related prizes.

If you really dislike the Pod you’ve been assigned, you can change Pods when you pre-register for OctopodiCon 2013.

The Pods are:

  • ArthroPod
  • GastroPod
  • OctoPod
  • CephaloPod
  • OrnithoPod
  • PolyPod
  • SauroPod
  • TetraPod