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Submit a Proposal for 2013!

We are now accepting proposals for OctopodiCon 2013.

We are looking for panels, lectures, demonstrations, and makeshops that are Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Sprocket level.

Freshman Level:

These are entry level panels, lectures, demonstrations, and makeshops, for the beginner. They are introductions, basic information, and overviews. Think 101 level. These would lay the foundation for future programming. Approximately 1/3 of our programming next year will be Freshman Level, enough so those who didn’t get a chance to attend OctopodiCon this year can earn their Rising Sophomore Certificates.

Steampunk 101, starting in steampunk, and other such things – give us your proposals for Freshman Level!

Sophomore Level

This year’s students at OctopodiCon will want more involved panels, lectures, demonstrations, and makeshops. Those who took the Mod a Weapon Makeshop, for example, may want a makeshop on adding lights to their weapon. Perhaps build a DIY sterling engine. Panels that build on the 101 panels by taking it to the next level. Your students already know what steampunk is, now talk about what they can do with it, explore the different genres of steampunk, discuss the next level of steampunk literature.

Please send us your proposals, we’d love to add you to our Visiting Professor List!

Junior Sprockets

In Junior Sprockets, we teach children science! They get to earn badges and other recognitions. We’d like a variety of programming activities for them, covering the S.T.E.A.M. theme: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math. We have two levels of Junior Sprockets – the 6-11 year olds and the 12 – 18 year olds. Some programming, such as entertainment or games or learning dances, crosses the age levels, but others should be prepared for one of these age spans. We’ll select a balance of Junior Sprocket, Artifact Club, and both to give the children and their parents breaks and to keep their interest up.

If you would like to present Junior Sprocket programming, please send us your proposal.

The Proposal Form is on the drop-down under the tab: Proposals. There’s also a tab listing topics for which we already have proposals. You can offer to co-present on a topic that’s already been proposed, or offer a new topic! This will be updated frequently.

The Difference Engine World Conference

The Difference Engine World Conference was a very nice steampunk convention.  The people there – the con staff, the guests, the attendees – were all amazing and excellent people.  Every one of them made the convention fun and exciting and free of drama.

Our Chief Negotiator (Bev Hale) and the ConChair (as both herself – Noddy – and her steampunk self – Cordelia MoonTea) attended in their official capacity as staff for OctopodiCon and Bev Hale also attended as a merchant (OtherWhen Oddities).  Ms. Hale was pleased with her sales as a merchant and had a great deal of fun during the times she had at her table when not presenting panels.

The Madames Hale and MoonTea presented 7 panels during the Conference.  They were sparsely but intensely attended.  Everyone learned new things and made friends.  The two most attended panels were the one on the Art of Flirting and MoonTea’s Manners.

The panel on Flirting was active – flirting codes for fans, parasols, gloves, and handkerchiefs were presented, and we all learned about finger signals from a delightful gentleman in the audience. We had a great time, and the gentlemen participated without prompting.  Some of the people noticed that there were patterns to the flirting – yes and happy gestures were made to the right side of the body, no and sad or angry gestures were made to the left side, confusion and questioning and teasing and definitive statements were made from the center of the body – in front of the face, usually.

The panel on Manners was well attended.  A lively discussion on the difference between manners and etiquette ensued over cookies and Earl Grey. The conclusion was that manners arose from the heart – civility, gentleness, kindness, thoughtfulness – and etiquette rose from manners.  When etiquette forgot the heart, it became restrictive and cold and unkind.  So we decided to spread the word that steampunk manners had one etuquette rule:  be kind.

Later today or tomorrow, we’ll post up the definitions of the various flirting gestures and links to some flower language dictionaries.