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OctoXoco by nodigio
OctoXoco, a photo by nodigio on Flickr.

Xoco is another of our steampunk dogs gracing one of our postcards. She is brain damaged from a puppy bout of hydrocephaly and has no short term memory. She also came with a serious case of demodedic mange, dislocated hips, and a hiatal hernia.All of her health issues were resolved except her brain damage. Here, she’s exploring one of the many octopuses that will be appearing at OctopodiCon 2012.

Mascot Named!

The Octopus Mascot for OctopodiCon was successfully named at the Room Party we held at SoonerCon Friday night. His (and yes, yes, a gender was assigned – until the party, the mascot was merely a genderless octopus) full, impressive name is Baron Octavius von Calamari, Esq., PhS. He appears to lead a coterie of Calamari Kidz and is quickly acquiring a fascinating history. We will certainly keep you informed of his adventures as well as those of the Calamari Kidz!