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June Tea

The June Tea at the Edmond Public Library was very nice. We had a number of new people there, and an amazing face-off during a game of The Captain’s Cat.

June Tea

Saturday, June 30th, 1:00 pm, at the Edmond Public Library – remember that date and time and please attend if you are in the area.

This is OctopodiCon’s June Tea and the focus is games, games, games!

There will be some Victorian board games, RPGs, and handouts with some game lists, resources, and rules.

And tea!

So come join us if you’re in the area.

We’ll also have information on OctopodiCon and the relationship between OctopodiCon and the library!

Mad Hatter’s Tea

Saturday’s Mad Hatter Tea was a fun-filled success!

Everyone who wanted them got patterns for making tiny top hats. There were enough supplies there for everyone to make at least one top hat.

A technique for converting a broken straw hat into a bonnet was demonstrated.

OtherWhen Oddities brought in several table’s worth of beautiful hats to inspire us all and shared her tips and techniques for hatmaking and acquiring hats to decorate.

Since it was also our Chief Negotiator’s birthday, we made a special cake for her in the shape of a hat and wrote “Hatty Birthday!” on it for her.

The children attending the Mad Hatter’s Tea enjoyed special, very colorful, sweet pops made of marshmallows, and those who anted to also got to participate in the hat making.

Our next Tea will be April 14th, in the Shedrick Library (on NE 10th and Stiles between Lincoln Blvd and I-235, Oklahoma City) one last time, on the topic of Transportation – trains, airships, dirigibles, hot air balloons, steam cars, and ocean liners such as the Titanic. Remote control airships will be discussed and any that appear at the Tea will be raced. If you have a RC airship, come prepared!

February Tea: Art of Silent Communication

Date: February 11
Location: Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Boardroom
The parking lot is located at NE 10th and Stiles, 1 block west of Lincoln, in the Shedrick Library building – there will be signs.
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

February’s topic is demonstrating the Victorian “secret” social codes (fans, handkerchiefs, parasols, gloves, flowers) and demonstrating how they are the base for modern underwater communications and military communications, then discussing how they are used in art, and how they could be used in the future of art, science, and gaming.

December Tea

The OctopodiCon December Tea in Guthrie was a pleasant affair.  We met on the main promenade and visited the many delightful shops, viewing the Living Postcards in the shop windows.  We toured the Apothecary Museum and the Gardens next to it.

Then we went to to have tea in the Victorian Tea Room and to ride in the horse drawn carriages.

Plans were made to have a photo shoot in the Apothecary Garden next spring when it should be blooming, and then, beacuse it was getting very cold, we departed for home.