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Ashley Rogers

made a lovely documentary with Nerd Caliber about OctopodiCon while at OctopodiCon.  She was there as Lucretia Dearfour.

Go take a look at it, she did a beautiful piece.


Over the next few days, there will be changes made to this site to reflect the information concerning OctopodiCon 2013!

Yes, dearest friends and the curious, there will be an OctopodiCon 2013! We are working hard to settle on a venue, and should have one shortly.  There is a  possibility (slight but still there) that we will have the same site next year, as the rumors of construction may be delayed long enough for us to return one more year to the Meridian Convention Center where the staff was extraordinarily helpful and friendly, prompt to assist and always cheerful.

You all looked so happy we just had to start planning the next OctopodiCon because we want to see your smiling faces again (Let there be eight!).  Bring friends!  Bring family! Bring total strangers – they’ll become friends really quickly!

We dreamt of steam, and you dreamt it with us.  Together, we made that dream real.  Now that it’s real, we’ll keep it going and growing, new and better.  We already have proposals coming in for panels, Makeshops, and workshops.  Nemo and the UFO won’t be the only airships at OctopodiCon next year.  The Sky Marshalls will be returning.  There will be Science!  and Mad Science!  and Engineering!  Prizes! Trophies! (those who came saw the awesome trophies we awarded our contestants, and the sweet little Traveling Pod Points Trophy – made by our own beautiful and talented Joyce Shadowleaf). We’ll have more contests.

It’ll be fun.

Watch this site for news about when and where.  Once we have a location and date, we’ll start taking pre-registrations.

Also, we’ll soon be offering Pod T-shirts and book bags, as well as OctopodiCon ones.  We’re just waiting on the art for the Pod Mascots so we can make them.

Without all of you, believing in OctopodiCon and coming out to play with us, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to have such fun!

Thank you, thank you all!

Room Parties

Split between 2 hotels and with no way to designate a “party floor”, there are no official room parties, however, as the hotel said, what you do in your room, as long as it doesn’t become disruptive or too loud, is your business.

We’ve decided to handle this by allowing you to state when you are “At Home to Visitors” and receiving callers. We’ll have a sign up sheet at Registration for listing when you’ll be in your room and therefore “At Home”, and we’ll announce your “At Home Hours” during Convocation at 7:00 pm Friday night and at the end of the Masquerade on Saturday Night.

You may refer to your in-room event as “Visiting Hours”, “At Home to Visitors”, or “Room Tea”. Do, please list them with us at Registration so if there are questions, we can answer them! And so we can direct visitors to your room!

Signs may only be posted with masking tape, so if you wish to make a poster or sign for your “At Home to Visitors” hours and hang it, please visit ConOps (the room by the Ladies Room in the Meridian Convention Center) for the proper tape.

The Promenade

The Promenade will have several special activities happening in it, some are stationary and will be there the entire weekend, some are temporary. The stationary events/exhibits will be:  Registration, Weapons Check Station, the Sky Marshalls’ Charity Jail and Bail, a model steam train exhibit, several exhibits from Airships, and the Yearbook Photo Booth.

Everyone is encouraged to have their Class Photo taken – there is no cost to having the photo taken, but if you wish, you may buy copies of the photo, and to pre-order the print copy of the yearbook for $40 ( we need to sell at least 100 copies to be able to offer the yearbooks in hardcover, full color at this amazing price – and I say amazing because the yearbooks I buy each year cost between $60 and $75). This photo will appear in the OctopodiCon Yearbook, which will be available digitally shortly after OctopodiCon, and in print hopefully in time for Christmas.

The Big Event, the much anticipated Airship Race, will be on Saturday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.  This will happen in the Promenade around a set course.  At 10:00 am, a table be set up where you may select the airship racing team you wish to support. At 10:30 am, the racing course will be cleared, and you may secure a place along the route to cheer on your favorite crew.  The Race ends at 1:00 pm, and the winner will be announced at Commencement and given a trophy and cash prize.

Other events that will be set up for short periods of time (usually 45 – 55 minutes) will be fencing bouts from the Victorian Fencing Society, an exhibit of an 11 foot blimp designed by a Goodyear blimp designer, and photo opportunity backdrops that may wander for the best positions.  The photo backdrops may also remain stationary if a good location is determined that doesn’t interfere with both foot traffic and other activities. Prof. Pholdit will be wandering with demonstrations of mathematical precision rendered in paper.


We have the Programming Grid filled out.  It’s still rough and probably will be rough clear up until Commencement (Closing) Ceremonies – since it involves people and things happen to people.

But it’s as complete as we can make it at this time.

A more updated version will be available at the Registration Desk. This is the version that will be going into the Course Catalog, along with class descriptions and which professors will be leading them.

Room Party Policy

We’ve had several people ask about Room Parties.

The way the Magnuson and Hilton Hotels are configured, there are no “floors” that can be isolated for Room Parties.

Officially, there are no Room Parties permitted.

However, as a guest of the hotel, you may have visitors to your room.  You may therefore announce when you will be At Home to Visitors, and may be as hospitable as you wish to your visitors, so long as you keep the noise levels at or below reasonable night time volume. Hotel and convention Security will be wandering and won’t hesitate to request that you be quieter if the sound rises too loud during your Room Visit.

If you will provide us with your At Home hours before 6:00 pm Friday, we will announce them at Convocation, and list them on the At Home for Visits Board in the Tea Parlour.

In the spirit of the event, we recommend that you supply yourself with Calling Cards that you may leave at the rooms you Visit.  Your name and an email contact is sufficient for the card, and if you’ve pre-enrolled, you already know your Pod, so that may also go on the Calling Card.

There’s time to order Calling cards from VistaPrint, if you like.  Or you can print your cards from any computer or at QuikPrint or some other local printer.



OctopodiCon Free Sample!

Always pioneering new things – There’s a free sample, a sneak preview, if you will, of OctopodiCon at the Downtown Oklahoma City Public Library – with panels, makeshops, readings, and more – Saturday, September 8, 2012 from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Did we say FREE SAMPLE?

That’s right – you can get a sneak preview and see what a full scale OctopodiCon will be like in advance, just come to the Downtown Oklahoma City Public Library and join in!

No other convention offers a sneak preview, so check it out! It’s free!

Pod Primes

The time has come. We need to select Pod Primes, so we are going to be having a few contests to select them. If you have already purchased your enrollment for OctopodiCon, please only participate in the contest for your Pod.

If you have not paid for your enrollment yet, and want to become a Pod Prime, you will need to either purchase a Day Pass (Saturday – that’s the day the Pod Meet-ups are scheduled) or a 3 Day Enrollment.  If you participate in a Pod Prime contest and win, you will need to attend at least Saturday to fulfill your Pod Prime duties.

Pod Prime duties include:  reporting points to the Head/Chief/Leader, monitoring the Pod Group (which goes live at OctopodiCon) all year, collecting any lore and legends about the Pod so they can be shared in the Group, attending the Pod Meet-Up for your Pod at OctopodiCon, conducting the Pod Contests for naming the Pod Mascot (all Pods get a Kalamari Kid as Mascot), selecting Pod colors, designing a Pod Logo, and creating a Pod Chant or anthem.

If you want to join a Pod. but can’t get to OctopodiCon, you should probably not participate in the contest to be Pod Prime.  You can still be a part of the Pod, though, by enrolling as a Remote Student (this give you a Pod and allows you to start collecting Credit Hours at Tentace Classes held at other conventions across the country), or becoming at least a Pod Supporter at the Indiegogo fundraiser campaign.

We have one Pod Prime, and will need 7 more, so stayed tuned for these contests!

Charity Auction Donations

Charity Auction donations are already starting to come in!

Our charities for OctopodiCon 2012 are the Wardeclyffe Tesla Museum and a memorial scholarship for our late Visiting Professor Anne-Amelia McAlden, who died last week. There will be a memorial display in the Art Gallery of her beautiful steampunk jewelry in addition to the Charity Auction Items on display.

If you wish to donate something to the Charity Auction, you may specify if it is to be specifically for the Tesla Museum or for Professer McAlden. If you do not specify, the proceeds will be divided between them.

Also, if you wish to donate to the Charity Auction and cannot attend OctopodiCon yourself, you may ship the item to us.  Small (under 10 pounds), fragile, or delicate items may be shipped to:

Noddy Brothers
401 East Park Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Large items (over 10 pounds) items that ae not particularly fragile or delicate will have a different shipping address, we’ll post it as soon as we clear it with the warehouse.

The Charity Auction will take place in the Spectacularium Saturday afternoon before the Masquerade.

Sky Marshalls

We are pleased to present a charity group, who will be helping raise funds to support the Tesla Museum restoration efforts in New York.

The Sky Marhals are a great group of people.  Do try to get yourself arrested so you can be released on bail and thus contribute to a worthy cause!

Here is their bio:

Airship Lexington.

Home of the sky marshals. The only real law in steampunk.

The Lexington is captained by Sean MacTaggart and his crew of sky marshals. With so many smugglers and pirates it only made sense that the law would pop up.
Early in 2012. Brian Swearingin and a few others started the Lexington.  The idea was to celebrate their different idea. Rather than pirates they’d be the sheriffs.  And rather than vend, they’d become a charitable organization.  Soon they built a jail and in July of 2012 they attended Wichita anime festival.  Where they raised over $700 for the con charity.  Now they are trying their first travel con. OCTOPODICON! See them next at Emerald city steampunk expo.