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To each and every one of you goes my heartfelt thanks.

Thank you so much for attending OctopodiCon 2 – you are the whole reason for the event. Without you, there would be no need to plot and plan and devise and schedule and create OctopodiCon for you. You are what makes OctopodiCon happen. Thank you so much for being involved, for participating, for enjoying yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to all our volunteers, from the ConCom to the people who stepped in at the last moment to help out – double, triple, quadruple thanks! Your participation and willingness made the difference between a so-so event and a good one. Thank you so very much!

Thank you to all the many people who had a hand in bringing OctopodiCon to reality throughout the year – from store staff to random strangers who gave us helpful tips – Thank you!

Thank you to the hotel staff for keeping things going during the convention.

Thank you to the professors who gave of their time and expertise to make OctopodiCon exceptional among conventions.

Thank you to those who didn’t want to be seen in public – your contributions were noticed and appreciated.

Thank you so much – OctopodiCon is truly a team effort!

Frankenstein’s Monster

This is a steampunk-light film adaptation of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece. Produced by First Step Cinematics, adapted by Judith B. Shields, here’s their imdb.

For those lucky enough to attend TeslaCon, it will be showing there on both Thursday and Saturday. It will also be showing at Emerald City Steampunk Expo – date and time to be announced.

And we will be showing it Saturday, November 2, from 2 – 4 pm in the Spectacularium.

So, no matter which steampunk convention you attend, you won’t miss out on this indie film that’s sure to be fascinating.

Clicky here to watch the trailor!

New Website for Professor John LeVan

Also known as Deadlance, of Deadlance Steamworks, he has a website up and running now, so go, gaze at his awesome steampunk contrivances and come to OcotopodiCon to buy them all!

Again, that’s Deadlance Steamworks.

Clicky-clicky – you know you want to see his gorgeous work.



OctopodiCon Policies in Brief

Steampunk, streetwear, casual, formal; OctopodiCon has a very liberal dress policy with these exceptions: tattoos, body art, paint, artfully glued bits do not constitute clothing or costuming. We comply with the State of Oklahoma’s Decency Standards: no nudity, all private body parts must be fully covered – no g-strings, thongs, waist high slits, pasties. Full opaque briefs or panties and full opaque breast coverage (includes man-boobs).

No real weapons are allowed. Obvious play weapons are permitted as part of a costume. All weapons must be inspected by the Sky Rangers and peace tied. You are on your honor to bring your weapons to the Sky Marshalls for inspection.

Behavior that is unwelcome and/or sexual in nature as perceived by the complainant and may be considered sexually harassing, whether physical, verbal, visual, or written. A hostile environment is unwelcome conduct, sexual or sex-based, severe or pervasive, that offends, intimidates, ridicules, and/or insults an individual sufficiently to alter his/her participation in OctopodiCon. OctopodiCon does not tolerate harassment. Reports will be kept anonymous if desired, please report harassment to the Security Chief, Noddy, or any OctopodiCon Administration.

Room Teas
If you have a hotel room for the night, you may allow visitors for Tea and conversation. If you wish your room to be made available for a Room Tea, you may announce your Visiting Hours during Convocation or put a card on the Room Tea Board announcing when you will be At Home and your room number. If you are a Sophomore or pre-registered, you already know your Pod, so you may consider printing some cards with your name, Pod, and email to leave at the Room Teas you visit. Do keep the volume at or below acceptable night levels.

There are many reasons to wear your badge at OctopodiCon, as your badge grants you access to all our programming. Wearing a badge also allows others to award your Pod a few Pod Points in the Pod Point Contest – the Pod with the most points earns a traveling trophy and a few extra perks. If you are seen without your badge, you may be asked to find and affix it, or to buy a replacement badge. Refusal to wear your badge prominently displayed can be grounds for expulsion – yes, yes, we know it spoils the line of your costume, but that badge is important for just 3 days.

Non-Approved Items
These things are not allowed: Fire (candles, incense), smoke machines, glitter, fog machines, illegal drugs, combustables, explosives, spray paint and aerosols, real weapons, counterfeit items, recasts, or items which violate copyright, trademark, or license agreements.

No one under 21 gets alcohol.
No public drunkennes.


We’re posting the Rules so you can come prepared!


1. Sign up – we need your badge number so we can tally your score
2. Keep your badge visible so people can see your Badge Number
3. If anyone asks for your Badge Number, take time to give it to them
4. Attend the Commencement at 4:00 pm Sunday to find out the winner and claim your prize


All participants – Certificate
2nd Place – Certificate and Ribbon
1st Place – Certificate, Ribbon, and enrollment for one in OctopodiCon 3


1. Sign up
4. The MASQUERADE INFORMATION FORM must be legible so Peter Pixie can read it
5. Failure to attend the MUSTER means no participation
6. Presentation will be in badge number order
7. Directions for presentation will be given during the MUSTER
8. NO recordings, media, or performance – this is to show off your outfit, not your character.
9. There are Adult and Junior Sprocket categories
10. Posing is permitted and encouraged for photography
11. Each participant will approach the judges and turn as requested
12. After presentation, participants will sit in the assigned rows
13. Winners receive prizes at Commencement


All Participants – certificate
3rd place – certificate plus ribbon
2nd place – Certificate, ribbon, plus enrollment for 1 in OctopodiCon 3
1st place – certificate, ribbon, enrollment for 2 in OctopodiCon 3 plus trophy


1. Sign up
2. Contest is at 5:00 pm on Saturday in the Laboratorium (Yes, it’s during the Masquerade)
3. Participants will use Hot Glue Guns to attach parts together
4. If there are holes and screws or bolts can be used, participants may screw or bolt parts together
5. TOOLS ARE NOT PARTS and will be labeled as TOOLS
6. Any participant who uses a TOOL as a PART is automatically disqualified
7. Participants may assist one another or work as a group
8. There is only 1 (one) prize if it’s a group project
9. Participants have 90 minutes to make the Best Looking or the Best Working Project
10. Adults and Junior Sprockets will be judged separately


All Participants – certificates
2nd place Adult Best Looking, Adult Best Working, Junior Sprocket Best Looking, Junior Sprocket Best Working – all 4 2nd places will also receive 1 enrollment to OctopodiCon 3
1st place Adult Best Looking, Adult Best Working, Junior Sprocket Best Looking, Junior Sprocket Best Working – all 4 1st places will also receive 1 enrollment to OctopodiCon 3 plus a trophy


1. Sign up
2. Contest is at 9:00 pm Friday night in the Laboratorium (yes, that late)
3. Participants have 90 minutes to build an automaton
4. Some parts are supplied for making a paper automaton, (paper, glue, scissors), additional parts are supplied by participant
5. Automatons may be made in advance and brought for judging


All Participants – certificates
2nd place – 1 enrollment to OctopodiCon 3 plus $25
1st place – 1 enrollment to OctopodiCon 3 plus $75 and a Trophy


1. Before the Gears and Gizmos Dance, there will be 2 hours of dance lessons – one will be a Steampunk Waltz and one will be a Dieselpunk Rumba. Participants are encouraged to take one or both lessons.
2. Sign up
3. The Dance Off will begin at 9:00 pm in the Spectacularium. Black Oak Shillelagh will be providing the music
4. All the Steampunk waltzers will go first, followed by the Dieselpunk Rumbas. Audience acclaim will select the dancers for the second round.
5. Round 2 will be the Waltz first, then the Rumba. The audience will select 6 couples – 3 each of Steampunk and Dieselpunk for the final round.
6. Round 3 will be the Waltz, then the Rumba. The audience will select the couple they feel best exemplifies the Waltz and the Rumba, and then select which of those two couples was the best dancer to determine if Steampunk or Dieselpunk dances best.


All participants will receive a certificate
Round Two Dancers will also all receive a ribbon
Round Three Dances will also receive 1 enrollment each in OctopodiCon 3
The overall winner will also receive the Tilted Top Hat Trophy


1. All Pods are automatically signed up for the Pod Points Contest
2. Anyone may give Pod Points to any Pod but their own
3. Pod Points are awarded for many things: if you like someone’s costume, give their Pod a point, if you enjoy a conversation with someone, give their Pod a point, if you see someone do something that made you happy, give their Pod a Point.
4. Everyone is in a Pod. The Pod name is on the Badge.
5. The Pod Points Board is by Registration


There can only be one winner. In the case of a tie, there will be a Pod Off.

The Pod Off will consist of the Pod members of the tying Pods presenting their case to the audience. They will have 2 minutes for their presentation and the winner will be by a show of hands.

The Pod accruing the most points will win the Traveling Trophy (awarded to ArthroPod last year) and will have OctopodiCon 3 themed after their Pod.

Mercantile, Art Show, and Professor Agreements

The Mercantile, Art Show, and Mercantile Agreements are starting to go out!

We will be updating the website as the Merchants, Artists, and Professors accept the agreements, so look for changes to start happening often!

Next month, we will begin organizing the Programming Schedule, and that should be up early October.




Arthro and Octo Badges

We will have badges for OctopodiCon, both for Junior Sprockets and for the Pods.

Pod badges can be worn on anything – I have one sewn on my purse that I carry everyday (Pod Pride!) and plan to put one on the awards sash I will wear at OctopodiCon.

We currently have ArthroPod and OctoPod badges ready. We should have the other Pod badges ready soon – CephaloPod, GastroPod, OrnithoPod, PolyPod, SauroPod, and TetraPod. We’ll have the Pod badges at OctopodiCon ($2 each), nd we might have all of them ready far enough before that you can order them – $2 if you’ll get them in person and add 50 cents for shipping and handling.

The first Pod Badges:

The Junior Sprocket Badges have to be earned. We have about a dozen badges that can be earned at OctopodiCon during the Junior Sprocket Programming. We will also have a booklet available for others who can’t make it to OctopodiCon to work on and earn these badges themselves. After OctopodiCon, the booklet will be available to order on line. At OctopodiCon, the cost of the badges is included in the supply fees. If you (or your Junior Sprocket) earns the badge(s) outside of OctopodiCon, the badges can be ordered for $2.00 each (includes shipping and handling).

To display the Badges, we have a pattern available for parents and friends of Junior Sprockets to sew a badge sash – I don’t know if we will have ready-made sashes available this year. Maybe next year. The pattern is available for the cost of postage (75 cents), and is adjustable for the youngest to the oldest Sprocket.

The color of the sash declares the level of Junior Sprocket:

light purple – children under the age of 6
light blue – 6 – 11 year olds
black – 12 – 18 year olds
green – Captains
red – all other adults interested in working with Junior Sprockets


For those who want to show support for OctopodiCon 2, “Baron O invited me” t-shirts are now available at Zazzle.

It looks like this year, we’ll be able to have official T-shirts available at OctopodiCon itself, but we know how eager so many of you are to show your support for OctopodiCon – and we sincerely appreciate it! – so we are making an advanced and special version available for you.


Plus – we now have Junior Sprocket t-shirts available!

Confirmed! Extraordinary Contraptions

Will be performing at OctopodiCon 2!

The Extraordinary Contraptions were formed in the Summer of 2007 by four geeks with an interest in epic storytelling and more musical chops than are usually allowed in a rock band. After some experimentation, they came home to the Atlanta steampunk scene where they developed their musical ideas into an all-encompassing storytelling form. They combine any and everything their creativity fancies in the service of spinning their yarns of scientific romance and gaslight fantasy. Three albums and an unexpected drummer later, the Contraptions are hitting their stride as they set their sights on bigger, more ambitious artistic endeavors. Where will they go and what will they do next? Just wait and see!

In anticipation, here is a link to their video!

And a picture showing them going places:


Extraordinary Contraptions group shot cart