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We’re doing Makeshops a little differently this year (lessons learned from last year!).

First, Makeshops will be arranged so there are brief breaks between them so people can get food and drinks and tend to other needs.

Second, you can pre-enoll or pay at Registration to take the Makeshops. There are some that have maximum enrollments and those will be available on a first come basis. We will mark the ones that are limited enrollment.

There are 9 adult Makeshops this year. Not all of them are confirmed at this point, but we can say that the following Makeshops are available:

Thomas Willeford (Brute Force Leather): Steaming Up a Squirt Gun
Bev Hale (Otherwhen Oddities): Tiny Top Hats
Lynn Yates: Make an Autograph Book
Larry Ledbetter: Drafting a Leather Holster Pattern
Several Professors: Making Goggles

Makeshops are $20 each for supplies.

The Junior Sprockets will have their own Makeshops as well.

Make Leather COGS
Goggle Making
Make a Science Journal
Make a Jet Pack
Build Your Own Frankenstein’s Monster
Clay Scuplture

Junior Sprockets is $30 for the entire weekend and includes supplies and Badges.

Mark your Calendars!

Yes, it’s official!

We have signed the contract, and have a date and place for OctopodiCon 2013!

It will be November 1-3, 2013, at the lovely, lovely Embassy Suites in Norman, OK.

It is a beautiful facility, brand new in hotel years – just 5 years old. We will have the loading dock (the Art Gallery and Mercantile folk will love that), and all the parking on the north and east sides of the building (the main entry is on the south side).

It’s located right off of I-35 on 24th Avenue North, between Tecumseh and Robinson in Norman.

Embassy Suites offers many conveniences: there’s a lovely restaurant inside, and a bar, and a delightful coffee shop called Caffeina’s that will stock special teas just for us. Those teas will be the Queen’s Tea.  They will also have Tazo Teas and Starbuck’s coffee. For lunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and dinner Friday and Saturday, they will place a concession stand serving lunches of hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, chips, soda, and fruit ($10 for a boxed set, and a la cart for individual items) just outside the Mercantile.

If you reserve a room, we will offer a $5 discount on your enrollment (just send us your room reservation confirmation number). The number of rooms available is limited, though, so if you want to be in the Embassy Suites, you’ll need to reserve as soon as we have the codes (by Friday, we hope!). We have made arrangements for an overflow hotel, and the Embassy Suites will provide a shuttle service between the overflow hotel and the Embassy Suites (one trip each direction is free).

Reserving a room gives you a free hot breakfast, and if you were at OctopodiCon in 2012, well, this breakfast blows that one away! And that one at the Magnuson was pretty good.

Each room is a suite, with sleeping space for up to 6 people and a mini kitchenette (microwave, refrigerator, sink, countertop). Our lovely Registrar checked the rooms out for scooter accessibility, and even the non-handicapped rooms were roomy enough for her to move around in her scooter, so these rooms are large.  Half the suites are double beds with a double bed sleeper sofa, and the other half are single king sized beds with a double bed sleeper sofa.  Rooms are a flat $109 (plus taxes) per night.

As for OctopodiCon itself!  We have some very exciting plans, more makeshops, more contests, more demonstrations, and the space for the Airship Race is 10 stories high!

We have changed the rules so the fish, shark, and even the Angry Bird remote control airships are allowed, so buy them and bring them!  We will have extra helium for you to buy to fill your ships and race – remember, there is a cash prize and an awesome trophy. Do it for your Pod!  We’d love to see each Pod field an airship team! Go OctoPods! Go ArthroPods! Go CephaloPods! Go GastroPods! Go OrnithoPods! Go TetraPods! Go SauroPods! Sport your colors, cheer your Pod! It’ll be fun!

The Junior Sprockets Program has much more to offer this year, and we’ll have badges! books! makeshops! uniforms! for the Junior Sprockets.

And the Spectacularium is now under the direction of Toxic Dragons. You know that the lights and sounds will be amazing.

Visit often to discover all the exciting things we plan.

And if you can’t wait for OctopodiCon, we have Monthly Teas at various libraries throughout the Oklahoma City area, and other special events at bookstores, museums, and other venues all year long, and will hold a mini-convention at the Main Library in Oklahoma City.


Pre-registration for Makeshops Now Closed

You can still audit the Makeshops – you can take a seat behind the pre-registered students and watch them make things, you can take notes and ask questionsm and learn how to do it, which is a cool thing. Auditing a class allows you to learn if you are interested in the subject enough to commit to it later, enough to buy the equipment and supplies to pursue it yourself.

This year, we’re debuting the Makeshop concept, and have only a few that required pre-registration with the need for supplies. I’m sure we’ll have a few bugs to work out as we refine the system – and owe a deep gratitude to those who were willing to pre-register for the Makeshops.

There are many things you’ll be able to do at OctopodiCon, and we’ll be talking more about them in these weeks leading up to OctopodiCon. There are classes, demonstrations, and panel discussions for learning and sharing.

We’ve heard rumors that Montague Jacques Fromage will be conspiring with Professor Elemental to bring something exciting to OctopodiCon just for us. A smash-up of steampunk funk and chaphop as only these two uniquely eccentric characters could conceive it,perhaps?  Or something totally different?

We don’t know what those two gentlemen are up to.  The only way to know is to keep checking in.



New Makeshops!

We’ve added 2 new, confirmed Makeshops to our About Enrollment/Registration page.

These two Makeshops are presented by The Steam Engine Intrepid, chugging their way up to OctopodiCon from the Deep South of Texas.

The first Makeshop is Mod a Weapon. We will be providing the weapon and the supplies to mod it out, and The Steam Engine Intrepid will help you make your weapon a work of art, something you will be proud to carry on your Steampunk adventures.

The second Makeshop has a pre-requisite.  You must take the Mod a Weapon Makeshop in order to take the Make a Holster Makeshop. This is because the holster you will make will be designed specifically for the weapon you modded out in the pre-requisite makeshop. The enrollment for the Make a Holster Makeshop therefore includes the Mod a Weapon Makeshop.

We have 4 or 5 more makeshops coming.  As soon as the details on those are confirmed, they will be posted.

Remember, you have until July 25th to enroll in the Makeshops, but hurry, because enrollments in them are limited!