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December Tea

The OctopodiCon December Tea in Guthrie was a pleasant affair.  We met on the main promenade and visited the many delightful shops, viewing the Living Postcards in the shop windows.  We toured the Apothecary Museum and the Gardens next to it.

Then we went to to have tea in the Victorian Tea Room and to ride in the horse drawn carriages.

Plans were made to have a photo shoot in the Apothecary Garden next spring when it should be blooming, and then, beacuse it was getting very cold, we departed for home.

Steampunk Walk at Guthrie

The weather forecast for December 10th predicts snow. Depending upon when and how much (and if) snow falls, we may have to cancel the Steampunk Walk at the Territorial Christmas Victorian Walk in Guthrie, OK.

We will keep you updated about the weather, and the final decision may not be made until noon on December 10th. If you’d like to participate, we’ll gather at the Target Parking lot up by Quail Springs Mall at 3:00 pm – if we don’t have to cancel due to weather!

You don’t have to dress in either steampunk or Victorian, but you’ll probably want to dress warmly! There will be living postcards in the shop windows, hot peanut vendors, wandering carolers, and more.