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Best New Steampunk Convention

Steampunk Chronicle now has the voting open for the Best of Steampunk, and OctopodiCon has been nominated for Best New Steampunk Convention!

If you attended last year and liked OctopodiCon, please go to Steampunk Chronicle and vote for OctopodiCon as Best New Steampunk Convention.

There are also a great many other interesting categories, so be sure to follow the links and see all the amazing steampunk out there, then go back and vote.

(Psssst – OctopodiCon for Best New Steampunk C0nvention!)

Thomas Willeford, Lord Montague Jacques Fromage, Veronique Chevalier, Dr. Grymm, and other people who were (or will be) at OctopodiCon are also on the list – some in more than one category!

You will have to register to vote, but it’s worth it.

(Don’t forget – OctopodiCon for Best New Steampunk Convention!)

Distinguished Visiting Professor Dr. Grymm

Dr. Grymm (aka Joey Marsocci) will be attending OctopodiCon, with many interesting activities! He’s bringing his Steampunk Documentary and a movie called “Steam Driven” to which he is making a sequel.

He’s also bringing information, some props, and possibly a teaser trailer for Lantern City, the fan-driven series created by: Bruce Boxleitner, Trevor Crafts, and Matthew James Daley. Dr. Grymm is co-art director and props maker for Lantern City.

Dr. Grymm is best known locally for his 1000 Steampunk Creations. That book has brought many people into steampunk. But did you know he’s also an artist himself? Check out his website, then come to OctopodiCon to meet this steampunk renaissance man yourself, and his ever-so-charming Mrs. Grymm, who “does books”.  Be sure to watch the BBC America interview with Dr. Grymm/Joey Marsocci.

We are so pleased to be able to bring Dr. and Mrs. Grymm to Oklahoma so those of us living between the coasts can meet them, ask questions, and learn so very much!  In addition to their programming, they will be mingling in the Promenade and Tea Parlour.  Don’t hesitate to go up and talk to them, they are here to meet you!

Dr. Grymm!

Our Distinguished Visiting Professor, Dr. Grymm, is now the co-art director and prop maker for Lantern City!

If you haven’t heard of Lantern City yet, go check it out.  It’s still in the early stages of development, but it’s the first TV series that is entirely steampunk, not just an episode that has steampunk elements.

But this post isn’t really about Lantern City, exciting as that it – it’s about Dr. Grymm!

Dr. Grymm is an amazing force behind steampunk – an artist, a creator, an educator. As Dr. Grymm, he is a villain, a sarcastic and charming scoundrel.

He’s also the charmingly delightful and witty Joey Marsocci.

OctopodiCon will have the best of both!

Dr. and Mrs. Grymm

Dr. and Mrs. Grymm,  of Dr. Grymm Laboratories, just confirmed they will be Distinguished Visiting Professors at OctopodiCon 2012!


Check their link – they do some awesome work and we are honored to have them participating in OctopodiCon.