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Difference Engine World Conference

We’re on our way to the Difference Engine World Conference in Ft. Worth, TX. If you’re going, stop by and see us. When we aren’t sitting in a panel discussion, we’ll be in the Dealer’s Room with OtherWhen Oddities.

FenCon Report

FenCon is our favorite convention to attend. It is always well run. As both a participant and an attendee, FenCon is the sort of convention everyone likes.

The new layout this year was nice. It took a few moments to re-orient because memory and reality conflicted a few times. Other than that, the best thing about the venue is that everything is all on one floor and all close together so getting lost is hard to do.

We arrived early and the hotel allowed us an early check in (yay!). We were able to load in quickly and relax a bit before we presented the panel on Tea. It was unfortunately held outside in the direct sun and I got a bit heat sick towards the end. Fortunately, this is FenCon and the fen are wonderful people. Judging by the number of cups used, there were 39 people in attendance.

Then it was off to Opening Ceremonies, and a dash to the room to host the OctopodiCon Room Tea. We handed out many flyers and pre-registration forms, 238 cup of tea, 300 cookies, and 36 fairy cakes.

I had to leave briefly to present a panel with Bev Hale, Michael Finn, and Steve Liptak on Aether Aesthetics – an excellent panel with lots of participation, especially considering it was at 10:00 pm. I’m wondering if we should extend our programming hours at OctopodiCon?

Saturday was less hectic in that we weren’t presenting any panels or Teas. We attended several, and spent our day alternating between the bar (where the real networking of the con gets done – meeting and greeting old friends and making new ones), the Admirals’ Suite, and assorted panels. We talked about OctopodiCon (a lot), discussed modern monsters and if all our congressmen were fen, and costuming, and books, and art, and more.

Then we wandered around the room parties.

The result of wandering to all the room parties is that we – OctopodiCon – will sponsor a steampunk programming track at SoonerCon this next summer. And present a few panels at other local conventions (not all worked out yet, but getting there).

We got to meet many of the guests and panelists and had a great time together – everyone is always wonderful at FenCon.

Sunday, we went to a panel on Steampunk Abilities about making steampunk more accessible for those with mobility devices and other assistive devices. Sadly, the presenter never showed. Happily – Steve Liptak and Jennifer Cinocco were there and the three of us had a great discussion on steampunking up assorted assistive devices and discussed accessibility.

Also, Jennifer and I volunteered to present the panel on Plus Sized Costuming as the same person who was supposed to do the Steampunk Abilities panel was supposed to present the Plus Sized Costuming panel. Becky Demonja and Lady Mercuria also helped us with the panel which was packed full of people with all sorts of information and ideas and we agreed to do a far better panel next year, the 4 of us, with props and tools and patterns and all.

Then we bailed to go shopping at Whole Foods because we don’t (yet) have a local one and make the long drive back home.

It was a very successful and very fun convention.