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Announcing THREE exciting! new! contests! for OctopodiCon 2012!

The first contest is for junior high and high school aged students: Steampunk Automata. The rules and cash prizes will be posted under the Contest Tab (coming soon), or you may email for rules and entry forms. In a brief summary – you build an animated toy or other automata from wood, metal, or paper at school or home and bring it to OctopodiCon (enrolling in OctopodiCon is the “entry fee” – a day pass is acceptable). Our skilled judges will review the automata and select the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) to be announced at the Commencement Ceremony at the end of OctopodiCon.

The second contest is for adults, in or out of college: Remote Controlled Airship Races. As with the junior high/high school contest above, the rules and cash prizes will be posted under the Contest Tab (coming soon), or you may email for rules and entry forms. In a brief summary – you build a remote controlled airship using any materials and bring it to OctopodiCon. A flying path will be set up and the races will commence. Our skilled judges will watch and score the races and select the winners based not just on winning the race, but on the craftsmanship of the airships.

The third contest is a Mad Engineer Contest – a variety of parts and equipment will be placed on a table in the Laboratorium and contests will be allowed to view the bits on Friday and Saturday. They then have Friday and Saturday to consider the parts and what they might do with them. On Sunday, they have two hours to build something from those parts – working is preferred but not required – and our skilled judges will select a winner. Full rules and prizes will be listed under the Contest Tab (coming soon),or you may email for rules and entry forms.

Keep checking back for more contests and other exciting events taking place at OctopodiCon.

Sunday’s Contest!

This week’s Contest (Prize is getting to select YOUR Pod before anyone else):

He’s a rebel wthout applause, questing for the golden frog, enduring a fete worse than death living in the ’90′s.  Who is he?


What is a “Pod” you ask?  It’s like a team or a club or a dorm – you are assigned a Pod, and you spend the weekend of OctopodiCon 2012 working towards earning points for your Pod.  At the Commencement (Closing Ceremonies), the Pod with the most points gets a banner for their websites, next year’s Octopodion will be decorated in our Pod’s colors and symbol, and along with the prestige of winning, your Pod starts off the year with an extra 100 points all the other Pods will have to exceed in order to wrest the title of Top Pod from you.

The Pods are new, so everyone this year gets to write the beginning stories and traditions of their Pods, select Pod colors, and symbols – we’ll have contests for those later with nifty Pod-related prizes.

If you really dislike the Pod you’ve been assigned, you can change Pods when you pre-register for OctopodiCon 2013.

The Pods are:

  • ArthroPod
  • GastroPod
  • OctoPod
  • CephaloPod
  • OrnithoPod
  • PolyPod
  • SauroPod
  • TetraPod



We ran a little contest on our facebook page and within he hour had a winner! Kevin Fitzgerald gave a correct answer to “How much does a 190′ blimp weigh?” by saying about 150 pounds.

He won a ticket for a free cup of tea and a cookie in the Tea Parlour at OctopodiCon 2012.

The next contest will be August 14, 2011.

Check our facebook page for details!