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OctopodiCon is having a kickstarter in order to raise the final operating costs for hosting OctopodiCon 2012.

If you’d like to support OctopodiCon but can’t make it this year, consider helping to fund it this year so there will be a next year. We have some nifty gifts that you can keep or pass along to others for supporting OctopodiCon.

We have a lot of exciting activities planned, where people can learn how to do and make all manner of steampunk props and accessories, airship races, science and engineering competitions, and more. Some of the “more” involves our tentacle classes at other conventions and launching the Junior Sprockets as a yout group for all children ages 6-16 who love steampunk and science and more.

Room Party!

Our inaugural room party at SoonerCon 20 was a success. We had more than 100 people party with us, our mascot received a name and a gender (male, Baron Octavius von Calamari, Esq., PhS), and we enrolled several people in OctopodiCon 2012.

We’ll be working with some of the ConCom from FenCon as well as some of the ConCom from SoonerCon. So many people want to help us and make this Steampunk convention succeed that it will.

We may have some exciting news about guests soon – we’ve started taks with a few really awesome people. Shhhh – we can’t talk about them until the contracts are signed, but oh my word! They will be totally awesome!

Our vision for creating an event to serve as a focal point for the local (and regional and national….) steampunk community is getting stronger.

Our first Open Planning Meeting will be the last Sunday in June at 6:00 pm at the Belle Isle IHOP on Classen and NW Expressway in Oklahoma City. We’ll share our vision and plans and we’ve got volunteer and ConCom positions open and will cheerfully take applications for them.

We’ve got some fun events planned Teas, picnics, Balls…) and we’re settling our itenerary for room parties at cons in the area.

Mascot Named!

The Octopus Mascot for OctopodiCon was successfully named at the Room Party we held at SoonerCon Friday night. His (and yes, yes, a gender was assigned – until the party, the mascot was merely a genderless octopus) full, impressive name is Baron Octavius von Calamari, Esq., PhS. He appears to lead a coterie of Calamari Kidz and is quickly acquiring a fascinating history. We will certainly keep you informed of his adventures as well as those of the Calamari Kidz!