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Mark your Calendars!

Yes, it’s official!

We have signed the contract, and have a date and place for OctopodiCon 2013!

It will be November 1-3, 2013, at the lovely, lovely Embassy Suites in Norman, OK.

It is a beautiful facility, brand new in hotel years – just 5 years old. We will have the loading dock (the Art Gallery and Mercantile folk will love that), and all the parking on the north and east sides of the building (the main entry is on the south side).

It’s located right off of I-35 on 24th Avenue North, between Tecumseh and Robinson in Norman.

Embassy Suites offers many conveniences: there’s a lovely restaurant inside, and a bar, and a delightful coffee shop called Caffeina’s that will stock special teas just for us. Those teas will be the Queen’s Tea.  They will also have Tazo Teas and Starbuck’s coffee. For lunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and dinner Friday and Saturday, they will place a concession stand serving lunches of hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, chips, soda, and fruit ($10 for a boxed set, and a la cart for individual items) just outside the Mercantile.

If you reserve a room, we will offer a $5 discount on your enrollment (just send us your room reservation confirmation number). The number of rooms available is limited, though, so if you want to be in the Embassy Suites, you’ll need to reserve as soon as we have the codes (by Friday, we hope!). We have made arrangements for an overflow hotel, and the Embassy Suites will provide a shuttle service between the overflow hotel and the Embassy Suites (one trip each direction is free).

Reserving a room gives you a free hot breakfast, and if you were at OctopodiCon in 2012, well, this breakfast blows that one away! And that one at the Magnuson was pretty good.

Each room is a suite, with sleeping space for up to 6 people and a mini kitchenette (microwave, refrigerator, sink, countertop). Our lovely Registrar checked the rooms out for scooter accessibility, and even the non-handicapped rooms were roomy enough for her to move around in her scooter, so these rooms are large.  Half the suites are double beds with a double bed sleeper sofa, and the other half are single king sized beds with a double bed sleeper sofa.  Rooms are a flat $109 (plus taxes) per night.

As for OctopodiCon itself!  We have some very exciting plans, more makeshops, more contests, more demonstrations, and the space for the Airship Race is 10 stories high!

We have changed the rules so the fish, shark, and even the Angry Bird remote control airships are allowed, so buy them and bring them!  We will have extra helium for you to buy to fill your ships and race – remember, there is a cash prize and an awesome trophy. Do it for your Pod!  We’d love to see each Pod field an airship team! Go OctoPods! Go ArthroPods! Go CephaloPods! Go GastroPods! Go OrnithoPods! Go TetraPods! Go SauroPods! Sport your colors, cheer your Pod! It’ll be fun!

The Junior Sprockets Program has much more to offer this year, and we’ll have badges! books! makeshops! uniforms! for the Junior Sprockets.

And the Spectacularium is now under the direction of Toxic Dragons. You know that the lights and sounds will be amazing.

Visit often to discover all the exciting things we plan.

And if you can’t wait for OctopodiCon, we have Monthly Teas at various libraries throughout the Oklahoma City area, and other special events at bookstores, museums, and other venues all year long, and will hold a mini-convention at the Main Library in Oklahoma City.


8 Days!

In just 8 days, Professor Elemental will arrive on Oklahoma soil to spend a weekend tantalizing and entertaining the students of OctopodiCon!

Madame Professoress Veronique Chevalier, Prof. Tom Smith, and Professor Lord Montague Jacques Fromage,Roscoe and Rose Red, and Triskelion will also be arriving in Oklahoma for OctopodiCon.

Kali-Ra and the Cutie Carney Variety Show are locals you don’t want to miss!

And these fine people are just a smidgeon of the activities you’ll find at OctopodiCon in just eight more days.

The Victorian Fencing Society, the Steam Engine Intrepid, the Airship Horizons, Airship Othernaut, the Sky Marshalls, and many more will be at OctopodiCon to help you with gnarly steampunk problems and to share tips, information and ideas.

We’ve got college professors arriving to impart some intriguing glimpses into the past and to show us ways to use that in steampunk.

The Pods will all get a chance to meet – 8:00 pm Friday night! – to select their Pod heads/chiefs/leaders, and to decide on Pod colors and other such details – and to meet your Pod mates! The Pod Point Trophy will make its rounds so everyone can see it, then be on display.

And the contests!  Are you getting excited about them?

$100 first place prize to the Automaton winner, and $75 to the first place winner of the remote controlled Airship Race! Free enrollments, Pod Points, and a trophy for the Maddest Engineer!

And last, but absolutely not the least (hey, you tend to remember the last item longer – there’s a reason the best is always saved for last!) – Junior Sprockets!  Three days of Junior Sprocket activities, some taught by college professors and professionals, some by trained Junior Sprocket Captains, and some as entertainment just for the Junior Sprockets! We have 4 hours of Junior Sprocket Captains Training, and will hand out the brand new Junior Sprocket Captains Manuals, plus, the first Junior Sprocket Project book, The Secret Science Society written by Dr, John DeLaughter, a planetologist, will be available in the Scriptorium.


The Promenade

The Promenade will have several special activities happening in it, some are stationary and will be there the entire weekend, some are temporary. The stationary events/exhibits will be:  Registration, Weapons Check Station, the Sky Marshalls’ Charity Jail and Bail, a model steam train exhibit, several exhibits from Airships, and the Yearbook Photo Booth.

Everyone is encouraged to have their Class Photo taken – there is no cost to having the photo taken, but if you wish, you may buy copies of the photo, and to pre-order the print copy of the yearbook for $40 ( we need to sell at least 100 copies to be able to offer the yearbooks in hardcover, full color at this amazing price – and I say amazing because the yearbooks I buy each year cost between $60 and $75). This photo will appear in the OctopodiCon Yearbook, which will be available digitally shortly after OctopodiCon, and in print hopefully in time for Christmas.

The Big Event, the much anticipated Airship Race, will be on Saturday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.  This will happen in the Promenade around a set course.  At 10:00 am, a table be set up where you may select the airship racing team you wish to support. At 10:30 am, the racing course will be cleared, and you may secure a place along the route to cheer on your favorite crew.  The Race ends at 1:00 pm, and the winner will be announced at Commencement and given a trophy and cash prize.

Other events that will be set up for short periods of time (usually 45 – 55 minutes) will be fencing bouts from the Victorian Fencing Society, an exhibit of an 11 foot blimp designed by a Goodyear blimp designer, and photo opportunity backdrops that may wander for the best positions.  The photo backdrops may also remain stationary if a good location is determined that doesn’t interfere with both foot traffic and other activities. Prof. Pholdit will be wandering with demonstrations of mathematical precision rendered in paper.

Cash Prizes!

The Society of American Military Engineers has provided cash prizes for two of OctopodiCon’s Contests!

For the junior high and high school aged students, OctopodiCon has the Automaton Contest – whereby students create a gear-driven or self-driven toy or robot.   This is a simple automaton made from cardboard and a wooden skewer and a bit of wire, it’s from the book How to Design and Make Simple Automata, and there are plenty of materials out there for making more complicated designs.  Piperoid has plans for robots made from paper and cardboard tubes.   Making a nifty little gear-driven device from cardboard or paper is easy, and best of all, it could win some lucky junior or senior high school student $100, a trophy, and an enrollment for the student and a parent to OctopodiCon 2013!  The second place winner receives $50 and an enrollment to OctopodiCon 2013 for the student and a parent.  The third place winner receives an enrollment to OctopodiCon 2013 for the student and a parent.  All the contestants receive a beautiful, frameable certificate.  The contest is Saturday morning, October 6th, 9:00, at OctopodiCon.

And then, for adults, we have the Remote Controlled Airship Race, with cash prizes!  First prize is $75, with a trophy, a title, and 2 enrollments to OctopodiCon 2013. Second plce is $25, a title, and  2 enrollments to OctopodiCon 2013.  Third place is a title and 2 enrollments to OctopodiCon 2013.  Every entrant receives a lovely, frameable certificate. This contet is at 11:00 am Saturday morning, October 6th, at OctopodiCon.

We do accept any remote controlled blimp-tpe device within certain specs (see our Contests Tab for details), but just as a quick glimpse, we will accept the remote controlled shark or fish, if you make it look steampunkand it can fly and navigate the course we’ve laid out. The winner is the most skillful navigator of their remote conrolled airship.

Prizes will be awarded at Commencement Ceremonies on Sunday, October 7th, at 3:00 pm at OctopodiCon.

Where to Get RC LTA Ships

Several people have asked where they can get remote control lighter than air ships for the Great Airship Race at OctopodiCon.

So, we are placing an answer here, and will also post it to the Contest Page.

Plantraco has a micro and a nano blimp that would qualify – remember, we are only regulating the maximum size, you can go as small as you want.

Think Geek has these two airflyers – a shark and a clown fish.  They would need some steampunking up, but are perfectly acceptable.  These 2 airflyers can also be purchased at Toys R Us.

Dragan Fly has some really nice airships.

HDRC/Megatech has light up airships.

You can also build your own RC blimp, as demonstrated in those two sites. This site  gives you a good description of the parts of an RC airship.

Happy flying!

Airship Race!

The contest rules for the Airship Race is up, check under the “Contest” Tab for the regulations and specifications. There is a $10.00 entrance fee ($5.00 if you pre-enroll) to pay for materials.

The Society of American Military Engineers is providing a cash prize for the winner of the Airship Competition and Race – we will be judging aesthetics as well as bouyancy, speed, and maneuverability.

If you don’t have a remote control airship, you have plenty of time to build one and test it out between now and October.

You can register for the Airship Competition and Race online until September 30, 2012 or in person at Registration up to 1 hour before Airship Inspection Time.

You don’t have to race to enjoy the excitement of the Airhsip Racing – come cheer the Airship Racing Captains on, and root loudest for the Captain who is in your Pod! The winning airship will not only receive a cash prize, but earn 100 points for their Pod!