Hand Signals

Agree – hook pinkies together, palm up

All clear – right index finger extended from a loose fist and laid against the side of the nose

Beautiful – loose fist with extended index finger twisted against cheek

Blah-blah Рfingers are held straight and together, with the thumb underneath  Рfingers and thumb are brought together like a flapping mouth

Bored now (or “go away” or “no”) – fingers flicked under chin

Come – forefinger pointing to person, then hooking back towards palm, palm facing gesturer – in some cultures, the whole hand is used to “pull” the beckoned person to one, in others, the palm is facing the ground and the fingers make “scratching” motions, and in some, the hand is held at head height. palm facing the person being beckoned over

Do you want me to answer that question? – rub right earlobe with index finger and thumb

Don’t worry – flip hand in front of mouth

Door – draw the sides and top of a square with index finger

End it or stop it – fingers move across the throat

Enemy – fingers of right hand placed over left wrist

Friends – closed fist, extending thumb and pinkie finger upwards

Good luck – crossed index and middle fingers, held behind the back or out-of-sight, it nullifies the promise being given

Good Luck – fist with the thumb protruding between the index and middle fingers

Help – fist against throat with thumb and pinkie extended on either side of the throat

I don’t understand – palm out, fingers up, wave hand side to side

I see it (or “it’s my duty”) – index finger on the tip of the nose

I’m not listening (talk to the hand) – left palm facing speaker, head turned away

I’m thinking – left index finger extended from a loose fist and laid against the side of the nose

Liar – placing a half closed hand in front of the stomach and turning it slightly upward

Listen – fingers placed behind ear

Live long and prosper – Palm out, all fingers form a “V” with the ring and pinkie fingers on one side and the middle and index finger on the other side – the thumb is at right angles to the hand

Meet me – point to the other person, then self, than make the pre-arranged signal for the meeting place

Money – rubbing thumb and index finger together

No – open and close fist quickly, palm out

Nonsense (or “crazy”)-¬† index finger circles ear

OK – circle thumb and index finger – other fingers are semi-extended, palm facing the opposite direction of the hand (right hand faces left, left hand faces right)

Pay attention – fist is loosely closed with the thumb up top and pointing casually towards the person

Promise – hand flat, palm against the heart

Question – Hand forms a plank in front of the querant, and makes a slight patting motion

Safe – right hand upright, palm out

Something’s Wrong – both hands crossed at the wrist

Sorry – right hand, fingers touch or point to the offended person/object, then touch forehead

Think – tap index finger against temple

Truth – fingers flicker towards the ground, palm held inward

Warning – right hand held up in a loose fist, index finger extended upward, palm facing left

We have to talk – thumb and index finger make a circle, other fingers semi extended, palm facing the person addressed

Well Done – fist is made with the thumb pointing up

We’re being spied upon – index and middle finger extended and tapping the opposite shoulder

Window – draw a square with index finger

Wise – loose fist, thumb extended and stroking the jaw line

Yes! – fist is held at chest level and raised and lowered swiftly

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