OctopodiCon is going to be offering a variety of classes, some free and some with supply fees attached.

All the classes with supply fees require pre-registration.  To differentiate between a class with supplies and one without, we call the classes with supplies “workshops”.  Students who pre-register for workshops will receive the supplies to each workshop with their registration packets.  Each workshop, with supplies, counts as 2 credit hours towards completing one grade level.

Workshops may be audited, but will only count as 1 credit hour, just the same as classes without supplies, lectures, and demonstrations

We are working on the Course Catalog and determining the supplies needed for each workshop.  Once that is done, the Course catalog will be listed.  Pre-registration for the workshops ends July25th, 2012.

Except for the supply fees for the workshops, all classes, lectures, demonstrations, and panels are included in the price of the registration, all classes for a 3 day registration, and all the classes on that day for a one day registration.

We will track your transcripts under your badge number.  That number will always be yours even if you skip an OctopodiCon.

We are working towards being able to offer “tentacle classes” – credit classes at other conventions conducted by an OctopodiCon staff member or one of our Visiting Professors.  If you haven’t attended an OctopodiCon, you may pre-register at one of these tentacle classes, and the pre-reg will note the class(es) you took and earned credit hours for. These will be added to your transcripts and count towards your grade level.

To complete a grade level, you will need to earn 10 credit hours, 4 of which must be workshops with supplies (that’s 2 workshops).  The other 6 credit hours may be any combination of classes, audited workshops, lectures, or demonstrations presented by an OctopodiCon staff member or Visiting Professor.  Upon completing your first 10 credit hours, you will recieve a class pin and a rising Sophomore certificate that allows you to take Sophomore level classes.

Completing 40 credit hours (8 of which must be worskhops with supplies) grants you a Bachelor of Steampunk degree, an OctopodiCon tassel, a speech by Baron Octavius von Calamari, Esq., a framable diploma, and the ability to strive for a post graduate degree.

Or, if you prefer, you can simply attend the classes, lectures, demonstrations, and workshops for the fun of it without any intention to earn and degrees at all.

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