OctopodiCon is going to try something new:  steampunk greek organizations called Pods!  This first year, each person attending OctopodiCon (Visiting Professor, Student, Volunteer, Staff) will be assigned a Pod.  They’re called Pods because it ties back to OctoPODiCon, and because each Pod is named for a pod creature, like sauropods or monopods.

There are eight Pods:  ArthroPod,  CephaloPod, GastroPod, OctoPod, OrnithoPod, PolyPod, SauroPod, TetraPod.

Each Pod will have a Pod Prime, who will help determine the colors and traditions for the Pod, and track the accomplishments of their Pod, for the purpose of creating a special website for their Pod.

Each Pod has a Pod Chief who hands out “points” . The system, if we can make it work, involves placing a QR code on the badge so the Pod Chief merely needs to scan it and send the points to the TallyMan. The Tallyman then marks the points on a large scoreboard so everyone can see where the Pods stand.

The Pod that collects the most points during the weekend will receive the MonoPod  Trophy.  Each Pod member will receive an icon they can place on their websites, and the Pod Chief will have the MonoPod Trophy to display at other events.

The winning Pod receives 500 points to start off at OctopodiCon 2013.  OctopodiCon 2013 will use the winning Pod’s colors for decor and the winning Pod’s history and members will be named in the Year Book, along with their more notable achievements from OctopodiCon 2012 that led to their championship.

Awarding the points is at the discretion of the Pod Chief.  Pod Chiefs can award points to Pods other than their own Pod.

The badges will have the Pod symbol as a watermark so everyone can see who is in which Pod easily, to foster team spirit and make it easier to award points of our preferred system doesn’t work out as planned.

At OctopodiCon, we will activate the online Pod Groups so you may participate in Pod activities throughout the year and at other steampunk conventions.  Yes, you can earn points all year to add to your Pod’s points at OctopodiCon 2013!

If you mouse over this Page’s tab, there will be a drop down menu for each Pod., which will contain the name of your Pod Chief, your Pod Prime, and some information abot your Pod.

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