Mercantile, Art Show, and Professor Agreements

The Mercantile, Art Show, and Mercantile Agreements are starting to go out!

We will be updating the website as the Merchants, Artists, and Professors accept the agreements, so look for changes to start happening often!

Next month, we will begin organizing the Programming Schedule, and that should be up early October.



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We’re doing Makeshops a little differently this year (lessons learned from last year!).

First, Makeshops will be arranged so there are brief breaks between them so people can get food and drinks and tend to other needs.

Second, you can pre-enoll or pay at Registration to take the Makeshops. There are some that have maximum enrollments and those will be available on a first come basis. We will mark the ones that are limited enrollment.

There are 9 adult Makeshops this year. Not all of them are confirmed at this point, but we can say that the following Makeshops are available:

Thomas Willeford (Brute Force Leather): Steaming Up a Squirt Gun
Bev Hale (Otherwhen Oddities): Tiny Top Hats
Lynn Yates: Make an Autograph Book
Larry Ledbetter: Drafting a Leather Holster Pattern
Several Professors: Making Goggles

Makeshops are $20 each for supplies.

The Junior Sprockets will have their own Makeshops as well.

Make Leather COGS
Goggle Making
Make a Science Journal
Make a Jet Pack
Build Your Own Frankenstein’s Monster
Clay Scuplture

Junior Sprockets is $30 for the entire weekend and includes supplies and Badges.

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Arthro and Octo Badges

We will have badges for OctopodiCon, both for Junior Sprockets and for the Pods.

Pod badges can be worn on anything – I have one sewn on my purse that I carry everyday (Pod Pride!) and plan to put one on the awards sash I will wear at OctopodiCon.

We currently have ArthroPod and OctoPod badges ready. We should have the other Pod badges ready soon – CephaloPod, GastroPod, OrnithoPod, PolyPod, SauroPod, and TetraPod. We’ll have the Pod badges at OctopodiCon ($2 each), nd we might have all of them ready far enough before that you can order them – $2 if you’ll get them in person and add 50 cents for shipping and handling.

The first Pod Badges:

The Junior Sprocket Badges have to be earned. We have about a dozen badges that can be earned at OctopodiCon during the Junior Sprocket Programming. We will also have a booklet available for others who can’t make it to OctopodiCon to work on and earn these badges themselves. After OctopodiCon, the booklet will be available to order on line. At OctopodiCon, the cost of the badges is included in the supply fees. If you (or your Junior Sprocket) earns the badge(s) outside of OctopodiCon, the badges can be ordered for $2.00 each (includes shipping and handling).

To display the Badges, we have a pattern available for parents and friends of Junior Sprockets to sew a badge sash – I don’t know if we will have ready-made sashes available this year. Maybe next year. The pattern is available for the cost of postage (75 cents), and is adjustable for the youngest to the oldest Sprocket.

The color of the sash declares the level of Junior Sprocket:

light purple – children under the age of 6
light blue – 6 – 11 year olds
black – 12 – 18 year olds
green – Captains
red – all other adults interested in working with Junior Sprockets

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Five Winners!

There would have been more, but it got cold and so we packed up our outside table and left.

CeCe won the lovely steampunk top hat centerpiece and a 3 day scholarship to OctopodiCon 2!

The following people won a 3 day scholarship to OctopodiCon 2:

11:00 am – Kelly
12:00 pm – Rebecca
1:00 pm – Scott
2:00 pm – Andrew

They are receiving emails with the details of their prizes!

Thank you everyone for braving the chilly weather and winds to come out to Free Comic Book Day and stop at our table. We loved meeting you, and hope to see you at the Tea on May 19th at the Bethany Public Library in Oklahoma at 2:00 pm for the story of Steampunk and Egyptomania, and a mummy unwrapping (no real mummies will be harmed – the amulets and mummy will be an astounding 12,096 minutes old!

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Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

In celebration, OctpodiCon is going to be at Second Chance Comics in Oklahoma City (NW 36th and MacArthur) from 10:00 – 2:00 pm (at least) with bookmarks, mini posters, stickers, and a chance to win a lovely top hat centerpiece. Baron O will be there for photo opportunities, as well.
Octopodicon Top hat Centerpiece

Octopodicon Top hat Centerpiece

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Best New Steampunk Convention

Steampunk Chronicle now has the voting open for the Best of Steampunk, and OctopodiCon has been nominated for Best New Steampunk Convention!

If you attended last year and liked OctopodiCon, please go to Steampunk Chronicle and vote for OctopodiCon as Best New Steampunk Convention.

There are also a great many other interesting categories, so be sure to follow the links and see all the amazing steampunk out there, then go back and vote.

(Psssst – OctopodiCon for Best New Steampunk C0nvention!)

Thomas Willeford, Lord Montague Jacques Fromage, Veronique Chevalier, Dr. Grymm, and other people who were (or will be) at OctopodiCon are also on the list – some in more than one category!

You will have to register to vote, but it’s worth it.

(Don’t forget – OctopodiCon for Best New Steampunk Convention!)

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For those who want to show support for OctopodiCon 2, “Baron O invited me” t-shirts are now available at Zazzle.

It looks like this year, we’ll be able to have official T-shirts available at OctopodiCon itself, but we know how eager so many of you are to show your support for OctopodiCon – and we sincerely appreciate it! – so we are making an advanced and special version available for you.


Plus – we now have Junior Sprocket t-shirts available!

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Rivals Steampunk Toys

Rivals Steampunk Toys will be at OctopodiCon – and they need your help getting there so they can produce enough of these creative and cute little toys to sell and to have available in the Makeshop so you, yes, you! can paint and accessorize your own little toy.



Please visit their Kickstarter Campaign! They only have 8 days left!!!!

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Confirmed! Extraordinary Contraptions

Will be performing at OctopodiCon 2!

The Extraordinary Contraptions were formed in the Summer of 2007 by four geeks with an interest in epic storytelling and more musical chops than are usually allowed in a rock band. After some experimentation, they came home to the Atlanta steampunk scene where they developed their musical ideas into an all-encompassing storytelling form. They combine any and everything their creativity fancies in the service of spinning their yarns of scientific romance and gaslight fantasy. Three albums and an unexpected drummer later, the Contraptions are hitting their stride as they set their sights on bigger, more ambitious artistic endeavors. Where will they go and what will they do next? Just wait and see!

In anticipation, here is a link to their video!

And a picture showing them going places:


Extraordinary Contraptions group shot cart

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Hotel Reservation Linkage

We have the hotel reservation links from Embassy Suites.  Now we can move forward with setting up the OctopodiCon 2013 Enrollment Forms and the Hotel Reservation page!

Embassy Suites Norman-Hotel and Conference Center
2501 Conference Dr.
Norman, OK 73069

You can also make reservations by calling the hotel directly at 405-364-8040 and providing the group code of OCT

If I can figure it out, we should have an Enrollment Page up really soon.

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