Junior Sprockets

We’re planning all sorts of fun and interesting things for the Junior Sprockets.

Among the activities they’ll do, there will be a “trip” to the Moon so they can compete in a sand castle building contest by the shores of Mare Imbri. All the participants who successfully complete the trip and build a sand castle will receive a patch to sew on their uniform.

And speaking of uniforms – we’ve finally weeded the designs down to a formal and an informal uniform.

The formal uniform is a sash.  Yes, a simple sash.  This allows the Sprocket to wear whatever lovely steampunk fashion they desire, and then augment it with a sash they can fill with recognitions, patches, badges, pins, awards, and Crew Identifiers – and even COGS! The younger Sprockets will wear a blue sash and the older ones a black sash. We have sash patterns available for the cost of shipping (75 cents). The sash pattern is adjustable for the youngest to the oldest.

The color blue for the younger Gear Club Sprockets. A light blue that is bright (known as Egyptian Blue, Azure Blue, Cerulean Blue) is the preferred color for the Gear Club.  The Artifact Club wears a black sash.  Black, of course, is easier than blue to match. As long as it’s black, we’re good with it.

Since Junior Sprockets is also a family affair, children under 6 may wear a light purple sash, and adults who are not Captains may wear a red sash – a burgundy. Captains wear a green sash – a sage green.

The informal uniform is a lab coat – any color although white will probably predominate. The lab coat is worn when engaging in activities, particularly ones that are messy, and will have the Junior Sprocket logo can be painted on the upper pocket and Crew badge sewn  above the upper pocket. Since this is worn in messy situations and may honorably acquire stains, the stains will stand as testimony to the badges earned. Because of the potential for stains, rips, tears, etc, it is highly recommended that badges, patches, awards, and pins be placed on the sash, not the lab coat. COGS can be displayed on the lab coat, or other apparel, but not on the sash – the sash is for earned awards.

Amazon.com offers lab coats in a range of sizes for children. Patterns are available in many places.  Kwik Sew pattern #3347, McCall’s 9123, Simplicity 5443, and there are instructions to create one from a men’s dress shirt here, how to make one from scratch here, and almost any camp shirt pattern, made of twill or duck, and lengthened to just above the knees will work to create a lab coat.  Any color is suitable, and adding lace, embroidery, or accessories for the type of experimenter/adventurer the Sprocket wants to be is suitable.

For example, a Sprocket who focuses on geography, archeology, and adventure may like a lab coat made of khaki fabric and with additional pockets. A mechanically oriented Sprocket may opt for a navy blue lab coat to hide grease and oil stains.

The sash may be worn with the lab coat.

And for informal fun at anytime, we now have Junior Sprocket t-shirts available!


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