Room Parties

Split between 2 hotels and with no way to designate a “party floor”, there are no official room parties, however, as the hotel said, what you do in your room, as long as it doesn’t become disruptive or too loud, is your business.

We’ve decided to handle this by allowing you to state when you are “At Home to Visitors” and receiving callers. We’ll have a sign up sheet at Registration for listing when you’ll be in your room and therefore “At Home”, and we’ll announce your “At Home Hours” during Convocation at 7:00 pm Friday night and at the end of the Masquerade on Saturday Night.

You may refer to your in-room event as “Visiting Hours”, “At Home to Visitors”, or “Room Tea”. Do, please list them with us at Registration so if there are questions, we can answer them! And so we can direct visitors to your room!

Signs may only be posted with masking tape, so if you wish to make a poster or sign for your “At Home to Visitors” hours and hang it, please visit ConOps (the room by the Ladies Room in the Meridian Convention Center) for the proper tape.

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