How to get 20% off pre-registration to OctopodiCon!

How to get 20% off pre-reg

Here we go: We have a sweet deal for you as our way of saying thanks to all the awesome people who leave us comments and have been posting about OctopodiCon. If we get 1000 friends on our FB fan page by September 3, 2012 we will post a code so that you can get pre-registrations for the convention at 20% off using our Eventbrite. That’s right! A 3 day pre-registration for adults will be $32, $16 for a Child Aged 6 – 15, 3 Day Pre-Registration. $16 for an Adult 1 day pre-reg or a whopping $8 to pre-reg your children for a 1 day pass. On top of that if you book your hotel room using the code OctopodiCon we will give you a $5 refund on your final sale. I don’t know how you can resist.

Here is what you do: Encourage your friends to add themselves to our FB fan page at you can share this message, or post one of your own, whatever you can think of to get people to like our page. If we have reached 1000 likes by 12 am September 3rd, 2012 we will post the code to our FB friends. It will only be available on September 3rd, 2012! After that the price to attend OctopodiCon will drastically go up as we leave pre-registration behind for good.

This will literally be your last chance to save money and still attend OctopodiCon. Why, you could use the extra cash to buy that hat, gun, or corset from one of our amazing vendors! We have some amazing things lined up for you, but I promised I wouldn’t reveal them in this post. Feel free to visit our website and have a look around, you might be able to see what I mean.

What was this again?: Add our facebook page and if we get 1000 people to join our page we will post a coupon code to get 20% off registration for Labor Day. The code will only work for one day so hurry up and join now it will only work for our FB friends.

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