OctopodiCon 2012 is pleased to announce that we will be having some exciting contests at OctopodiCon. While we can’t yet tell you the details on all of them, they are pretty exciting!

We will definitely have a Masquerade and a Hall Costume Contest. These both come with prizes, ranging from a ribbon and Pod Points to OctopodiCon Scholarships and more. The instructions for entering the Masquerade will be posted soon. For the Hall Costume Contest, you merely need to show up and have on something steampunk. Each day will be a new Hall Costume Contest, and winning on a previous day will not prevent you from winning on another day.

We will also have a background story competition. Write us the story of your steampunk accessories and clothing and if you have one, your steampunk persona. Send it and a picture to: The winner will have their story published in our Student Guide and will receive a scholarship to OctopodiCon 2013 as well as 50 points for their Pod.

The Pod with the most points will win a trophy (stored with your PodHead and carried to other conventions to tout your glory), an icon to place on your websites/facebook/blogs, bonus points to start next year’s competition, and the joy of having next year’s OctopodiCon themed after your Pod.

Stay tuned as we bring you other exciting contests and competitions!

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