Minor Delights

We have added a new tab to our ever growing list of tabs.

This tab offers 2 paths of steampunk activities:  the Junior Sprockets for children aged 6 – 11 and the Artifact Club, for minors aged 12 – 15.

At OctopodiCon 2012, we will be offering half-day steampunk activities for the Junior Sprockets and for the Artifact Club.  There is a small fee to cover the cost of materials and supplies for each.

Here in these pages are further activities the children can do at home.

The Junior Sprocket activities require parental supervision mostly in the gathering of supplies and in giving directions so the younger children can do them.  All these activities are designed for this age-group and they should be able to accomplish them merely with oversight.

The Artifact Club activities may require parental supervision, but most children in this age group can complete these activities with minimal adult involvement.

Of course, these activities are fun and adults may wish to also do them on their own.  This is perfectly acceptable.  Indeed, it is encouraged, for what parent would let their children do something they themselves have not done?

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